Maintenance Case Study

In order to satisfy the requirements of all of the stakeholders in its business “X” had to achieve high plant availability and safe, reliable operation all at the lowest cost.

Maintenance used to be seen by industry as a necessary evil – a large cost item to be cut at every opportunity. However, a properly constituted maintenance programme, which provides dependable equipment and maximises equipment life, generates competitive advantage by allowing the business to quote reliable, short lead times, run with minimal work in progress and offer keen pricing.

Executive Summary

“ABC Dairies” has to satisfy the requirements of its customers, its shareholders and the various regulators associated with the food industry.  ABC’s milk processing has unique characteristics; deliveries in season are ceaseless and the milk must be processed as quickly and economically as possible knowing that yet more is on its way. 

Plant availability is essential to ensure that the processing can outstrip delivery and that optimum added value can be attained.  The plant assets represent a substantial investment and as well as being able to demonstrate a high return must deliver high availability and reliable operation at the lowest cost.