Team Leadership and Management

The Peter principle states that… ‘people are promoted to a level of incompetence’.

Yet these people were probably chosen for promotion because they were very good in their previous position; often a position they had trained for and gained experience in throughout their working lives.  BUT just what now qualifies them to lead a team, manage the department’s workload or negotiate on a par with their new found peers?  This course equips the new manager/team leader with the essential tools and techniques.

Things go wrong.  That’s life; but there should be no excuse for repeat problems and some things, should they go wrong have such dire consequences that we really must make every effort to combat failure (or have contingency plans in place) before it happens. How?..

Knowing what needs to be done, where it comes from, where it goes to, who does it and by when are integral to our everyday work, but too often these procedures are documented in methods that do not allow ready reference or a clear view of the bigger picture.  They may also fail to clearly identify the interactions, cross referenced information at each step or the crossover point between departments.

An Introduction to Lean

Lean is all about the elimination of waste; saving time and therefore money.  This course looks at focusing resources to achieve maximum value by fine tuning processes within the workplace.  Business and services to be competitive must work as efficiently and effectively as possible with just the right amount of resource (man power, parts, etc) to deliver the service/product to the required quality/standard.

It is almost impossible today to run or manage a business without being required to demonstrate adherence to standards. They may be; legislative (Health & Safety, Environmental, etc), quality, or just organisational directives.  All need to be ‘auditable’.  This course addresses methods of managing, demonstrating and maintaining such compliance systems.