Maintenance Strategy, Implementation and Control

Does your maintenance strategy reflect your organisational strategy, are production seen as the internal customers of maintenance….why not?

Are you continually fire fighting, doing more breakdown work than planned work, struggling to stabilise machine performance rather than improving it? This course is for you.

Writing Great PMs

It is possible to write a great Planned/Preventative Maintenance routine.  If you rely on inherited outputs from CMMS or original equipment manufacturers do they fit your current requirements?  Not sure - still getting break downs and (worse) repeat breakdowns?  Why?

(Work Control, Planning and Scheduling)

Do you have or are you looking to instigate a practical maintenance infrastructure and supporting systems? Not sure how to determine your resource needs or initiate Continuous Improvement? This comprehensive course addresses the key building blocks to an asset (machine) care management programme and service delivery.

(FMEA and RCM Application)

Can zero breakdowns be achieved; maybe not (like world peace), but that should not stop us trying!
Where do we start?  Identifying and targeting the chronic and the acute incidents that lose production and ensuring that we get no repeat breakdowns.  How do we identify these, who does this, when, how and what actions are required to prevent these breakdowns occurring?

Are you reliant on machinery that is increasingly being pushed to meet higher production targets, or becoming increasingly unreliable or costly to run? Are you trying to drive Continuous Improvement but not sure where to start?

Do you struggle to make a case for the contribution of Maintenance to the business? This is a common and historic problem and leads to difficulties for the Maintenance Manager in securing budgets, capital sums and resources to development Continuous Improvement. Are your customer’s needs understood and do you and they share priorities, urgency and goals?