Are you thinking of introducing Operator Asset Care programmes? What are they, what are the hurdles to be overcome, the benefits you might reasonably expect and just how do you go about developing and introducing and then managing such a programme?

Course Abstract:
Understand the potential benefits, the preparation and training (and materials) necessary. How to integrate OACP’s into the Maintenance programme, how to establish and maintain standards etc. See some examples of successful OACPs the problems encountered and overcome. The course covers…

Introduction to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Why is OEE becoming a key indicator in production performance management?  What can sustainable improvements in OEE deliver?  What are key success factors and pitfalls?  How do you start to implement OEE, what can you realistically expect from it?  This course addresses all these questions and demonstrates how OEE might be applied.  Find out why more and more companies are adopting this approach.