Maintenance Case Study

In order to satisfy the requirements of all of the stakeholders in its business “X” had to achieve high plant availability and safe, reliable operation all at the lowest cost.

Maintenance used to be seen by industry as a necessary evil – a large cost item to be cut at every opportunity. However, a properly constituted maintenance programme, which provides dependable equipment and maximises equipment life, generates competitive advantage by allowing the business to quote reliable, short lead times, run with minimal work in progress and offer keen pricing.

The senior management was now looking at ways to further performance improvements by moving closer to World-Class maintenance performance.

CSA was engaged to conduct a high-level assessment of the maintenance activities within the factory.  The overall conclusion of this study was that the Maintenance Department was well-placed to achieve improved performance; some of the fundamentals of good practice were evident, particularly relating to organisational structure, communication and employee involvement.

Improved performance required twelve month concerted change programme led by a senior manager. Recommendations proposed for this change programme built on earlier successes and addressed areas requiring attention. They were designed to:

·         Secure current Line 3 Performance

·         Restore Line 1 & Line 2 Performance to previously achieved high levels

·         Enhance team working between Maintenance and Production

·         Deliver Cost-Effective Maintenance

It was estimated that successful completion of the change programme will result in annual savings of plant downtime equating to approximately €7m per year in the prevailing market conditions.

Factory output was approximately 1,000,000 litres per day

Sales income was around €2 with manufacturing costs at €0.112 per litre (excluding transport)

This gives a margin of €1.9 per litre

At the time of the project all output could be sold, so that the site being down cost €1.9m per day

A 1% improvement in overall equipment effectiveness, OEE, was worth €19,000 per day or €6.9m p.a.

The overall aim of the project was to improve OEE by 1%.  This was achieved after three months (due to management system and production response initiatives within the programme) leading to a stretch target of 2-2.5% improvement on OEE being established.

CSA have implemented cost effective maintenance improvement programs for many leading manufacturers. For a no obligation initial chat; please complete the form and we will be happy to contact you to discuss how we may be able to help you.

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