An Introduction to Lean

Lean is all about the elimination of waste; saving time and therefore money.  This course looks at focusing resources to achieve maximum value by fine tuning processes within the workplace.  Business and services to be competitive must work as efficiently and effectively as possible with just the right amount of resource (man power, parts, etc) to deliver the service/product to the required quality/standard.

Course Abstract:
Determining what is waste, developing a safer environment, monitoring performance, driving improvement with extensive exercises demonstrating the basic concepts.  Tools and techniques include;

Determining process inputs and outputs

Value added/Non value added

Introduction of 5S

Resource planning

  • People
  • Process
  • Plant (Equipment)

Monitoring performance

Continuous Improvement

Target Audience:
Senior Managers, Line Managers, Supervisors from industry, service and public sectors.

Course Outcomes:
An appreciation of the tools and techniques available to carry out Lean within the Company/working area to improve efficiency, reduce cycle times, meet the market demands, implement improvements to the process, satisfying customer requirements regarding delivery and lead time whilst reducing inventory.

Duration:    1 Day

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