Do you struggle to make a case for the contribution of Maintenance to the business? This is a common and historic problem and leads to difficulties for the Maintenance Manager in securing budgets, capital sums and resources to development Continuous Improvement. Are your customer’s needs understood and do you and they share priorities, urgency and goals?

Course Abstract:
The course examines how the Maintenance Manager can make a business case for driving maintenance improvement. It also explores adopting shared goals and priorities and just what customers could/should realistically expect whilst supporting and focussing on the drivers in the organisation. The course looks at how maintenance customers typically perceive failure and the different thinking that demands to deliver best in class maintenance services. Capability, competency and risk management techniques are addressed.

This includes…

Making a Business Case for Maintenance

  • Understanding Business Drivers
  • How to demonstrate Maintenance Contribution
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Meeting Customer Needs

  • Line/operational cover
  • Optimising information exchanges
  • Managing Maintenance team capability and competence

Sharing Prioritisation - Establishing a Risk Based Maintenance Strategy

  • Risk
  • Risk to Criticality
  • Conducting a Criticality Analysis and maintaining the system

Using Criticality to format an Overall Maintenance Strategy

  • The Maintenance options
  • Targeting the options
  • Other uses of criticality

Target Audience:
Senior Operational Managers, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance supervisors/planners.

Course Outcomes:
Understanding how to make a business case for Maintenance initiatives; targeting maintenance to customer and stakeholder needs; an understanding of Risk based Management strategies and how they can bring Production and Maintenance to share goals and priorities.

Duration: 2 Day

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