Aims - To identify the maintenance contribution to attaining business targets and by doing so demonstrate the case for the review, improvement and monitoring of maintenance processes supporting maintenance activities.

Specifically to demonstrate the Average v Best of Best method of setting continuous improvement targets.
Look at the data table below. Complete the table regarding:

- Average Availability
- Average Performance
- Average Quality

Multiply the above together to obtain

- Average OEE

best of the best OEE


Identify the ‘Best of the Best’ in 

- Availability
- Performance
- Quality
Multiply the above together to obtain - ‘Best of the Best’ OEE
The difference between the Average OEE and ‘Best of the Best’ OEE provides a realistic and achievable improvement target… Why?
This principle can be used to set realistic Continuous Improvement targets.
(The above article is a small extract taken from our maintenance training programs.)
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