Team Leadership and Management

The Peter principle states that… ‘people are promoted to a level of incompetence’.

Yet these people were probably chosen for promotion because they were very good in their previous position; often a position they had trained for and gained experience in throughout their working lives.  BUT just what now qualifies them to lead a team, manage the department’s workload or negotiate on a par with their new found peers?  This course equips the new manager/team leader with the essential tools and techniques.

Course Abstract:
Developing a strategy, managing work load, managing people, team and individual development, monitoring and reporting performance, driving improvement and general management tools and techniques including…

Defining customer need

Resource planning

  • People
  • Proces
  • Plant (equipment)

Managing work load


Developing Team and individual competencies

Understanding team roles and relationships

Goal setting

Management reporting

Monitoring performance

Continuous Improvement

Target Audience:
Senior Managers, Line Managers, Supervisors from industry, service and public sectors.

Course Outcomes:
An appreciation of the tools and techniques available to assist the manager/those with team leadership responsibility in their own performance.

Duration:    1 Day

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