Writing Great PMs

It is possible to write a great Planned/Preventative Maintenance routine.  If you rely on inherited outputs from CMMS or original equipment manufacturers do they fit your current requirements?  Not sure - still getting break downs and (worse) repeat breakdowns?  Why?

Is the current content of your PMs too vague/not detailed enough, unpredictable regarding time they take to do or producing different results dependent upon who does them? Knowing precisely what needs to be done, who will do it, when, how long it should take, is all crucial information that, managed consistently, will help your maintenance department run more efficiently and effectively and so assist production achieve all their outputs.

Course Abstract:
Understand typical maintenance workflows, equipping the maintenance department to deliver great planned maintenance.  What a good PM regime should aim to achieve. Applying 5’S’; terminology that eliminates ambiguity in task description.  Maintenance resource; team/personnel skills/competency matrices.  Techniques and tips for efficiently and effectively writing and reviewing successful PMs into the maintenance regime/plan. 

The course covers…

Defining your current and desired performance

Workflows supporting performance

Pre-requisites of good PM application

  • Asset registers and identification
  • Equipment classification, criticality and groups
  • Resources and Competencies
  • Standards and standardisation
  • Recording
  • Establishing frequency

Writing PMs

Change Controls

Review to improve

Target Audience:
Senior Managers, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Supervisors/Planners.

Course Outcomes:
Understanding the structure required to operate and manage an effective PM  programme.  Resource planning to achieve the programme.  Understanding PM content that achieves desired results.  Establishing and maintaining standards.  Driving Continuous Improvement and managing change.  

Duration:    1 Day

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