(FMEA and RCM Application)

Can zero breakdowns be achieved; maybe not (like world peace), but that should not stop us trying!
Where do we start?  Identifying and targeting the chronic and the acute incidents that lose production and ensuring that we get no repeat breakdowns.  How do we identify these, who does this, when, how and what actions are required to prevent these breakdowns occurring?

Course Abstract:
This course addresses the causes of breakdowns and their impact on production.  It reviews the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of equipment and process failure, how that data should be captured, trended and reported.  The course examines the practicalities of capturing data and the discipline needed both in data input and analysis and trending of breakdowns.  Basic problem solving and analysis techniques are introduced with exercises in the use of each.

The course introduces specialist maintenance analysis tools of Reliability Centred Maintenance and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and offers experience in their application through exercises. The tools concentrate on formulating maintenance plans targeted at deterioration characteristics, (the pre-cursors to breakdown), what kind of maintenance tactic will identify and address deterioration, how often it should be carried out, by whom and with what skill set.

The course covers…

Why and How things fail

  • Equipment functions and performance standards, functional boundaries

Failure patterns

P – F interval

Reporting and capturing Data


Maintenance options

  • Condition Based or Predictive Maintenance
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Functional Testing
  • Continuous Improvement or ultimately Design out
  • Run to Failure/Nil Maintenance

Problem solving and analysis tools


  • Targeting FMEA/RCM
  • Required outcomes
  • An FMEA/RCM model
  • The 10 Steps to FMEA/RCM Application

Desired outcomes

PM format and content

Practical application

Examples and exercises

Target Audience:
Senior Managers, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Supervisors.

Course Outcomes:
An appreciation of chronic and acute problems, targeting areas for improvement, objective problem solving/breakdown investigation.  Introduction and experience in the application of a stepped methodology for identifying deterioration characteristics and designing tasks to address them, resulting in the production of draft maintenance procedures.  Each candidate will be issued with a copy of the stepped methodology ready for application.

    3 Day

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